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St. Moritz - HVAC City Collection

St. Moritz - HVAC City Collection

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Introducing the captivating essence of Sankt Moritz, a fragrance that transcends the ordinary with its sophisticated blend of notes. At the forefront, the fragrance opens with the luxurious allure of Madagascar Vanilla and Amber, creating an immediate sense of warmth and indulgence. As you delve deeper, the heart of Sankt Moritz unfolds with a harmonious composition of Leather, Virginian Cedar, and Papyrus, adding an element of timeless elegance reminiscent of a cozy mountain retreat. Finally, the fragrance settles into its distinctive base notes of Violet, Iris, and Eucalyptus, leaving a trail of freshness and sophistication. Sankt Moritz is a sensorial journey that captures the essence of refinement and the crisp mountain air, inviting you to experience the allure of this enchanting fragrance.

This Premium Luxury Home Scent is meant only for HVAC machine use.

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