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Di'Aroma® Plug-in Black 69182

Di'Aroma® Plug-in Black 69182

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Compact, easy, small

Using innovative cold air diffusion technology, meaning that during the high pressurized dispersion process the fragrance oil are transformed into lightweight dry nano-mist, which stays suspended in the air longer and offers more coverage. This type of advanced atomization technology is also residue free and safe for pets, children and furniture. 

With this diffusion technology the Plug-in will be pending less than 0.5ml Per hour of use in the highest grade. Use it to improve your home's air quality, cover the smell of pets or smoking, to protect your family. The nebulizer makes the scent fill rooms up to 500 square feet creating a wonderful and relaxing ambiance for your bedrooms, bathrooms, office room, spa room or some commercial space. With our unique fragrance diffuser which will inspire, excite and refresh you by surrounding the scents.


Nebulizing technology delivers pure, consistent home fragrance that doesn’t fade
Whisper quiet and energy efficient
Adjust scent intensity manually 
Empty refill bottle (included) 

Designed for spaces up to 100-500 square feet 
Holds 120 ml of diffuser oil 

VOLTAJE: 110/220V
COVERAGE:100-500 SqFt
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