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Punta Cana - HVAC City Collection

Punta Cana - HVAC City Collection

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Imagine being whisked away to the tropical paradise of Punta Cana with just a whiff of its enchanting scent. At the top, the fragrance dances with the sweet embrace of Indonesian Vanilla, creating an immediate sense of warmth and indulgence. As you delve deeper, the heart of the scent unfolds with the sultry combination of amber and tropical cocoa, evoking the sun-kissed beaches and the rich, luscious aromas of the Caribbean. Finally, at its base, the scent settles into a harmonious blend of wood, musk, and ginger, grounding the olfactory journey with a touch of earthiness and spice. It's a fragrant symphony that captures the essence of a tropical getaway, inviting you to escape reality and bask in the sensory delights of Punta Cana.

This Premium Luxury Home Scent is meant only for HVAC use.

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